Our History

World Harvest Christian Center Manchester is an offshoot of World Harvest Christian Center London. The church was started when some dedicated members of the World Harvest in London relocated to Manchester in 1997. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ogbeide John family was the first pioneer in the establishment of World Harvest Christian Center Manchester. Their house at Corn Close, Brunswick was first used as a meeting point. They and their friends meet regularly at their house for worship. Shortly after, the Apostle Babatunde sent Pastor Dapo and His wife with Minister Ben Adekugbe and his wife, to Manchester to formally establish the church. Many commendations should be given to the Ogbeide Johns family for the role they played during this time. They not only pioneered but took in Pastor Dapo’s family into their home until they were able to secure theirs. The three families helped in establishing the branch. As the church grew, they moved to a rented place within the Methodist Church Renshaw House compound in Brunswick, Manchester. From that time God took over the increase of the Church. World Harvest Manchester has remained unique since its inception because God brought in dedicated and devoted members into the fold. Christians who were blessed with various gifts and talents, and gave their all, ensuring the branch was firmly established. They contributed immensely in both cash and kind, bound together with the love of God. It will not be proper not to mention that the road to growth was challenging, the church faced various uphill battle and saw some of its members left, and new ones came in different points in time. However, World Harvest Manchester branch has remained unique and instrumental in the development and establishment of the various branches and arms of World Harvest Christian Center Ministry. These could not have been possible if not for the grace of God and the dedication of these pioneers and liberal

In the history of World Harvest Christian Center Manchester, such people should be named, listed and honored because they were pillars upon which the branch is operating right now. Many of them moved on to other pastures, regions or kingdom and some are still in the current site. It is also fascinating to note that the location of the present site was by Mrs Funmi Ogbeide John, she accidentally saw the building boarded up with a sign for sale to a developer. Coincidentally at this time, the Methodist Church landlord had issued the branch a notice of intent to vacate because they were going to sell to a developer. This sighting then was God sent; she informed the leaders of the church who through the direction of the holy spirit prayed and submitted a bid on the property. Prayers were raised up because at a point it did not look like we had a chance because the church was bidding against a developer. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a vigil and anointing were had on the property (just like the days of Jericho, members matched round the property). Shortly after, the church was given clearance and they purchased the building even less than its original advertised price.

In November 2003, the church moved to its present location in No 1 Seymour Road, Clayton Manchester, to God be the glory.

List of Pioneers
Mr Tony and Mrs Funmi Ogbeide John
Pastor Dapo & Sarah Benzoe
Pastor Bennard & Mrs Deola Adekugbe
Mr and Deaconess Olu Adeyo
Ms Tenisha
Mr and Deaconess Moyosore Akinfe
Minister Dapo & Mrs Adekugbe
Pastor Rebecca Ajibola
Mr Kenny & Mrs Precious Shadracks
Mr Blessing
Ms Amanda Ladeji

When members moved to the present site, we realized it needed extensive repairs, for example, many parts of the building roof was leaking, the heating was nonfunctional, toilets inadequate, and furniture nil . However, despite the condition, the Lord used men and women to repair and secure the building. The first set of furniture that was used at the building was by God’s grace. Mrs Ogbeide John identified a rundown school nearby who were giving their furniture away, and these were brought in for use at the church building. The Lord also graciously enabled us to receive “free funds” due to legal commitment, from a telecommunication company for about three years, these money was used for repairs and functioning of the church during this period. Church services were first held in the downstairs hall while the main auditorium was being repaired. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Ogbeide-John, Mr. Kenny Shadracks ,Minister Ben Adekugbe, Deaconess Olu Adeyo , Deaconess Moyo Akinfe, Mr Ben katunga, Pastor Rebecca Ajibola and Pastor Dapo Benzoe who sacrificed their time and resources during this period.

History reveals (check below) that the church building was a initially place of refuge during the world war and it now remains a place of refuge and blessings to everyone that enters its doors. May it continue to be a place where praises and glory is given to God
Almighty alone who deserves all the praise, Amen.

Pastor Dapo & Sarah Benzoe Ministry

Pastor Dapo committed his live to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic
status, to achieve their fullest potential. He was an engineer while in London but left all to pastor the branch in Manchester.

He and his wife has been in the World Harvest Christian Centre ministry since its inception in 14th of January 1995. Pastor Dapo is a teacher of the word of God with an apostolic calling upon his life and founded the School of Ministry an arm of The New Man Institute of Christ. Fulfilling the Great Commission is an intense passion of Pastor Dapo Benzoe. His involvement extended to Missions in Asia, Pakistan and Rwanda.

The Lord blessed Pastor Dapo Benzoe with the message of the gospel of Christ with particular emphasis on the New Man in Christ the Identity of the Believer and the Grace of God. He is zealous in making Disciples of Christ and has made a great impact in many lives with the message and the revelation of Christ.

He founded “The New Man Institute of Christ” which was established out of passion for the Lord to raise up Ministers, who will understand Ministry in the context of what was in the mind of GOD, ever before the foundation of the world.

Pastor Dapo believes that ministry belongs to all the saints in Christ and that the five fold ministry; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers are the only gift from GOD to the body of Christ sent to raise up the saint (ministers) to do their ministries.

” I believe Christianity is more than joining a Church, but being born of God and becoming a New Man in Christ. It is a conversion from the Adamic type man to Christ type of Man called The Church”, (Pastor Dapo Benzoe, 2003).

Pastor Dapo Benzoe is also passionate about the establishment of the kingdom of Christ, not only in the church but also in the following areas of the society in the world;

 Government & Finance
 Business & Finance
 Education
 Media
 Families
 Entertainment & Music
 Religion

This passion has been borne out of Revelation 11: 15 in his heart by the Lord.

Education and Training

Under Pastor Dapo and Sarah’s leadership, World Harvest Christian Centre in Manchester has grown in every area of ministry. They have seen the birth of branches in Canada and Bolton.

In November 2003, World Harvest Christian Centre Manchester moved to its new site in Seymour Road South, Clayton, Manchester, which is close to the new Manchester City Stadium. Dapo and Sarah Benzoe and dedicated members of the branch have transformed this area that once was a shelter and place of refuge for its citizens during the second World War, into a beacon of hope and inspiration that are helping people of all ages and backgrounds become Champions in Life.

Dapo and Sarah Benzoe, along with the entire World Harvest family, are focused like never before on meeting the needs of the Manchester community and providing ministries and services that impact every area of life. While their commitment to the local community is high, World Harvest’s International involvement is also increasing. Apart from the United Kingdom where he is based at the moment, he has also been used by the Lord to preach to other nations of the world such as Sweden, Holland, Nigeria, India and the United States of America.

There is a new generation rising at World Harvest Christian Centre Manchester Church
– A Generation of the New Army of Christ, through his passionate teachings of the New
Man in Christ message. This has also led to the birth of The New Man Institute of